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Pallet Wrap, Corrugated Cardboard, Strapping, Bubble Wrap, Polyfoam, Kraft Wrapping Paper...etc.



Metal Pallet Wrap Dispenser


Metal Dispenser

For 18" Pallet Wrap. CODE: DHANDWRAP18

3" & 5" Hand Wrap Dispenser


Pallet Wrap 14x1475 (75 gauge)

14x1475(75 gauge) CODE: PPAL1475

Pallet Wrap 85 Gauge

85 gauge CODE: PPAL1516

Pallet Wrap 47 Gauge

47 gauge 4rls/cs CODE: PPAL16

Pallet Wrap 80 Gauge

80 gauge 4cs CODE: PPAL18

Pallet Wrap Blown 70 Gauge

blown 70 gauge CODE: PPAL1870

Pallet Wrap - Machine

75 gauge CODE: PPAL20M-75

Pallet Wrap-Machine 80 Gauge

80 gauge CODE: PPAL20M-80

Pallet Wrap- Ext'd Core 1000'

1000'/rl CODE: PPAL20X

Pallet Wrap 3"

3" 18rls/cs CODE: PPAL3

Pallet Wrap 5"

5" 12rls/cs CODE: PPAL5

Padded Mailer 12 1/12" x19"

12.5x19 50/pk CODE: PPM12.5X19

Padded Mailer

14x20 50/pk CODE: PPM14X20

Padded Mailer Jiffy 5" x 10"


Styro Peanuts 20 Cubic ft Biodegradable

20 cu ft Biodegradable CODE: PPNUTS-20

Poly Foam Roll 1/16 48x1250

1/16 48"x1250' approx 25lbs CODE: PPOL48-1/16

Poly Foam Roll 1/16 48x1250

1/16 48x1250 CODE: PPOL48

Polyfoam 1/32 48x2000

1/32" 48x2000 CODE:PPOL48-1/32

Poly Foam Roll 48x3/16x350

48x3/16x350 CODE: PPOL48-3-16

Poly Foam Roll 48x3/32

48x3/32 CODE: PPOL48-3/32

Poly Foam Roll 48x550x1/8

48x550x1/8 CODE: PPOL48-8

Polyfoam 1/16x60x1250

1/16x60x1250 CODE: PPOL60-16

Polyfoam 1/16 72x1250

1/16X72X1250 CODE: PPOL72-16

Poly Tubing 25lb 6"


Fragile Handle With Care Stickers


Poly Coated 2 Sided Wrap

18x900 2 Sided Poly Coated Wrap CODE: PWRAPP18W900

Kraft Wrap 24" x 900'

24x900 CODE: PWRAP24

Kraft Wrap 40lb 24"x 900'

40lb CODE: PWRAP24D40

Kraft Wrap 60lb 24x600 60lb

60lb 24x600 CODE: PWRAP24D60


50lbs/pk CODE: PWRAP24NP

Kraft Wrap 30lb 24" x 1200'

30lb CODE: PWRAP24X1200

Kraft Wrap 40lb 30" x 900'

40lb 30x900 CODE: PWRAP30D40

Kraft Wrap 60lb 30x600

60lb 30x600 CODE: PWRAP30D60

Kraft Wrap 40lb 36" x 900'

40lb 36x900 CODE: PWRAP36

Kraft Wrap 50lb 36x720

50lb 36x720 CODE: PWRAP36D50

Kraft Wrap 60lb 36x600

60lb 36x600 CODE: PWRAP36D60

Newsprint Roll

36x1200 CODE: PWRAP36NP

Kraft Wrap 36" x 900'

40lb CODE: PWRAP36X900

Kraft Wrap 30lb 48" x 1200'

30lb 48x1200 CODE: PWRAP48D30

Kraft Wrap 40lb 48x900

40lb 48x900 CODE: PWRAP48D40

Kraft Wrap 60lb 60x600

60lb 60x600 CODE: PWRAP60D60

Bubble Wrap 1" 12x100

1" 12x100 in dispenser box CODE: PBUB-12

Bubble Wrap 1/2"

1/2"x48x250 CODE: PBUB1-2

Bubble Wrap 3/16"

3/16 48X750 CODE: PBUB3-16-S24

Bubble Wrap 5/16"

5/16 x 250 CODE: PBUB5-16

Corrugated Cardboard Roll 18"

18" x 250' CODE: PCARD18

Corrugated Cardboard Roll 24"

24" x 250' 2 side wave CODE: PCARD24

Corrugated Cardboard

30x250 CODE: PCARD30

Corrugated Cardboard Roll 36"

36" x 250' CODE: PCARD36

Corrugated Cardboard Roll 48"

48"x 250' CODE: PCARD48

Corrugated Cardboard Roll 60

60" x 250 CODE: PCARD60

Corrugated Cardboard Roll 72"

72" x 250' CODE: PCARD72

Corrugated Cardboard Roll 36"

Single faced 36" x 250' CODE: PCARDONE36

Edge Protectors - 1/2 skid only, 560 pieces

2" x 2" x 84" 560/1/2skid CODE: PEDGE

Newsprint - White

24x36 50lbs/bk CODE: PNEWS24X36

Packing Slip Envelope

4.25x5.5 1000/cs CODE: PPACKENV

Pallet Wrap 65 Gauge

65gauge 4/cs CODE: PPAL13

Pallet Wrap 75 Gauge

75 gauge 4rls/cs CODE: PPAL1319

Pallet Wrap Guardian Certified

4rls/cs CODE: PPAL13GC

Pallet Wrap Platinum

14" 4rls/cs CODE: PPAL1470

Kraft Wrap 30lb 12" x 1200'

12x1200 30lb CODE: PWRAP12

Kraft Wrap Roll 15"


Kraft Wrap 40lb 18" x 900'

18x900 40lb CODE: PWRAP18

Kraft Roll Waxed

18x1400 CODE: PWRAP18X1400

Paper Roll Waxed

18x1500 CODE: PWRAP18X1500

Strapping 300lb Break Strength

1/2"x9900' 300 b.s CODE: PSTRAP

Strap Kit

1/2x3000 / buckles CODE: PSTRAP KIT

Strapping - White

1/2x8200 500lb strength CODE: PSTRAP1/2

Strapping-Polyethelene-Black 600lb

600lb strength Black Polyethelene Strapping CODE: PSTRAP1/27200

Strapping-Plastic 1/2 700lb

Break Strength 700Lbs Core 8"x8" CODE:PSTRAP1/2PLAS

Strapping Nylon 1/2x3300

1/2"x3300' 300Lbs CODE:PSTRAP1/2X3300

Nylon Strapping

9900' Break Strength 350Lbs CODE:PSTRAP350

Strapping-Nylon 1/2 400lb

8900 16" Core 400Lb Break Strength CODE:PSTRAP400

Strap Buckles-Steel 2000

1/2" 2000 Steel Buckles CODE:PSTRAPBK

Strap Buckles-Metal 1000

1/2" 1000 Buckles CODE:PSTRAPBK1-2

Strapping-Nylon 3000' 1/2"

300 Buckles+Tool CODE:PSTRAPKIT3/4

Strapping Connection-Open Seal 1/2"


Snap on Crimps

For 3/4" Steel Strapping 2000/CS CODE:PSTRAPSO3/4

Strapping-Steel 1/2

Approximately 100LB CODE:PSTRAPST020-1-2

Strapping Steel 3/4"

3/4" Steel Strapping .023 Thick 45KG Roll CODE:PSTRAPST023

Strapping-Steel 1.25

1.25 Steel Strapping CODE:PSTRAPST125

Plastic Tying Twine