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Masking Paper 6"


Masking Paper 18"


Masking Paper 36"


Paint Strainers Nylon Fine Mesh 1000/Cs


Seat Covers 125/Cs


Floor Mats-Heavy Duty Paper 500/Cs


Oil Pads 19x17

Oil Pads 19x17 100/BALE CODE:SP100

Oil Pads 19x15

Oil Pads 19x15 CODE:SP200

Oil Pads-Blue 17x19

Oil Pads-Blue 17x19 CODE:SP201

Oil Spill Kit


Welding Blanket-A-Tex

Welding Blanket-A-Tex 5'x3' and 5'x6' CODE:SW26A503

Oil Boom 5" Knitted 10' with Clips

4 Booms to a bale CODE:SBOOM510

Oil Boom 8" Knitted 10' with Clips

Oil Boom 8" Knitted 10' with Clips 4 Booms to a bale CODE:SBOOM810

Foaming Car Wash Soap 20L Pail

Foaming Car Wash Soap 20L Pail CODE:SANI-801020

Shop Towels 12"x12" Red

New RAGS 50/pk CODE:R3025

Shop Towels 12"x12" White

Shop Towels 12"x12" White New Shop Towels 50/pk CODE:R3125

Welders First Aid Kit

Welders First Aid Kit CODE:SFIRSTW

Flip Up Welding Goggles

Flip Up Welding Goggles CODE:SEYGW200

Foaming Car Wash Soap 4 lt

A foaming car wash soap from Sanilabs 4 lt Code: SANI-801004

Floor/Bath Mats Eco-Unprinted 17x22 500/cs

Floor/Bath Mats Eco-Unprinted 17x22 500/cs Absorbs Moisture and Traps Dirt White faced/lightly indented

Tire Bags-Universal Size

Tire Bags-1.25 Mil High Density-Universal Size- 28x14x42 200/cs

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering Wheel Covers-Fits all makes and models-500/bx

Sprayway 077 Dry Lubricant Spray

Sprayway 077 Dry Lubricant Spray 12oz can CODE: CHSPRAYDRYLUB

3P Penetrating Protective Polish

Clean, beautify and protect almost any surface. Revitalize colour and pliability while inhibiting cracking, fading or hardening by blocking out ultraviolet

Brakesol 350g

Brake cleaner. Removes old grease and dirt from brake parts without complete disassembly. Dries quickly without leaving a residue. 350g

Fles-A-Sil RTV-clear/white*/black/yellow

RTV silicone for caulking and sealing is ideal for use wherever a strong permanently elastic weatherproof caulk, sealant or adhesive is needed. Temperature

GPR Gasket and Paint Remover

Gasket and paint remover. A fast acting, economical formula used to remove paint, gaskets, decals or graffiti from many types of surfaces.

Moonshyne Vehicle Cleaner/Protector 4lt

MoonShyne™ Actually brightens vehicle colours and makes re-washing easier. Protective barrier which gives finish protection 4lt

Undercoat-Paintable, Rubberized Undercoat

Undercoat, durable, flexible, rubberized coating that protects auto underbodies, trunks and wheel wells against corrosion caused by water 19.4 oz

Thawz De-Icer Spray

An aerosol formulation for melting ice, frost and snow from windshields, windows, mirrors, lights as well as thawing frozen locks and mechanisms. 16oz